Journal – City: Analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action

5 Jan


“City: Analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action” is a leading Journal in the field of Urban Geography and Urban Studies. The Journal offers the latest advancement in critical urban thinking, and does also provide a wide range of free material to consult – particularly through their own website:

More on “City” from their institutional website:

City is a journal of provocative, cutting-edge and committed insights into, analysis of, and commentary on the contemporary urban world. We record and analyse ’the city’, cities and their futures, and urbanization from multiple perspectives including: the information and digital revolutions, war and imperialism, neoliberalism and gentrification, environment and sustainability, resistance and social movements, regeneration, resurgence and revanchism, race, class and gender, multi-culturalism and post-colonialism. City combines an analysis of trends, culture, policy and action, and features both historical and theoretical work alongside detailed case studies, policy commentary and open debate.

Besides regular papers and special features, City sections include:
Alternatives showcasing radical, grassroots approaches;  Scenes and Sounds featuring literary and ethnographic interpretations; Forum presenting commentary on contemporary policy;Prospects and Retrospects as well as Reviews and Debates .

City is multi-, trans-disciplinary and holistic, drawing on work from academics in geography, the social sciences, the political economy, philosophy, cultural studies, and the humanities, as well as from policy makers, the multitude of actors – including practitioners, activists, organizers, writers, artists, ecologists, planners, and architects – who play key roles in sustaining and constructing cities and urban futures”

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