Conference – The 12th Asian-Urbanization Conference

12 Jan


This 12th International Asian Urbanization Conference is being hosted by the Department of Geography, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India in association with the Asian Urban Research Association (AURA). AURA was established in January 1986 and is housed at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, USA. It is a non-profit research organization whose primary purpose is to promote the study of urbanization, urban growth and to organize Asian Urbanization Conferences. The conferences are biennial (held every other/alternate year) and have resulted in many publications. The scholarly legacy of the original organizers and the successful history of these conferences have served to brand this conference as of a recognized quality for a diversity of scholars and practitioners across the globe.

Conference themes: Urban Dynamics, Environment and Health are three major interlinked areas in the fields of urban studies, urban geography, and urban planning, with all three strongly connected to social well-being. The interconnections of various elements of these three areas have great bearing on the life quality of people in space and time. The sequential arrangement of these three themes in this conference is an expression of priority action of the process of change in spatial, environmental and human context along with time.

More info on their website. The call for paper can be downloaded clicking here.


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