Events – Professor Camilla Perrone at UNSW

22 Jan

A meeting at UNSW that can be interesting for us!


Wednesday 30 January

12.00pm – 1.00pm

(refreshments provided)

Room 4035

Fourth Floor

Red Centre

(West Wing)

Please RSVP to

Danielle Del Pizzo

by Monday

28 January

Professor Camilla PerroneUniversity of Florence, Italy
From New Metropolitan Mainstream (NMM) to Post Metropolitan Tendency
Over the past three decades a range of urban (metropolitan) strategies, policies and spatial transformation have become mainstream and show similar impacts in societies and economies. Moreover and specifically in recent times as a result of the crisis, processes with contradictory energies have become increasingly strong, producing opposite effects. Stemming from the framework of the INURA (International Network for Research and Action) research titled “New Metropolitan Mainstream. A Comparative Study of Urbanisation Processes, Societies and Policies”, the reasoning will focus on the relationship and the spatial implications of mainstream urban policies (and governances) and bottom-up policies promoted by new “local” actors in the context of the current financial crisis.

Camilla Perrone is an assistant professor at the University of Florence in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. She obtained her PhD in Urban, Landscape and Environmental Design in 2002 from the University of Florence. In 2001 she obtained a European Professional Qualification as Architect, Planner and Restorer of buildings. Her research interests focus on: urban and regional planning and policies; design methods for local sustainable development; “difference-sensitive” planning (multicultural planning), and interactive planning. Currently she is in charge of a PhD Board on Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Florence and she is the director of the International Lab of Critical Planning & Design. Camilla collaborates with several international research networks including Aesop (Association of European Schools of Planning) and Inura (International Network for Urban Research and Action).

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