Conference – The Planners Network Annual Conference

6 Feb



A very interesting conference coming up in New York this June. Here you can download the call for paper (Deadline mid-February).

From the organizers’ website:

Cataclysmic events are making urban neighbor- hoods vulnerable to displacement and exposing the inadequacies of traditional planning. Hurricane Sandy laid bare the ongoing crises in low-income communities: unemployment, foreclosures, homelessness, and service cutbacks. Historic patterns of racial discrimination isolated the most vulnerable while wealthier, better-connected residents had the privilege of mobility. Traditional planning policies have facilitated segregated affordable housing and promoted carbon-intensive growth and waterfront development without regard to long-term consequences. Local and federal responses failed poor communities in the wake of the storm and many community-based organiza- tions and activist networks mobilized to fill the gaps. This organizing continues and often strives to go beyond meeting immediate needs for relief towards planning and building a more just collective future.

The situations revealed in New York have corollaries in cities across the US and the world. Questions arise: how can activists, academics, and professionals promote alternative, more sustainable, and just ways of preserving and developing the metropolis? What lessons have been learned? What role can progressive planners play?

We invite your proposals for community-based workshops, discussions, speakers, and plenaries. Preferred topics include: socially just disaster preparedness and response; environmental justice; cross-sector alliances and organizing; meaningful and equitable employment; climate change; racial, class, and gender justice in planning and zoning policies; waterfront planning; housing justice including affordable housing and quality public housing; gentrification and displacement; redefining/reexamining urban security; transportation justice; water security; and food security.


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