Conference – Call for paper on Shrinking Cities

27 Mar


See below an interesting conference on “Shrinking Cities” in Edinburgh. Abstracts should arrive no later than Monday 1 April 2013. 

As a consequence of the Shrinking Cities phenomenon, researchers and practitioners are increasingly exploring the concept and promise of an Expanding Landscape within cities.  This expanding landscape includes the patchwork of abandoned, vacant, or underutilised properties that are just one consequence of depopulation. This unintended “production” of voids can be considered an opportunity with multiple modes of expression.

We invite abstracts for papers from researchers and practitioners from a broad range of disciplines, including, but not limited to, landscape architecture, architecture, urban design, planning, economics, sociology, anthropology, geography, and environmental aesthetics. We expect papers and presentations on topics covering urban morphology, open space planning and design, green infrastructure and sustainability, socio-economic drivers and solutions, political and regulatory factors and mechanisms, perception and aesthetic appreciation, case studies and design propositions, and more. We welcome submissions using any qualitative and quantitative research method, including historical, descriptive, and projective/speculative approaches.

Abstracts will be double-blind peer reviewed. Abstracts will be selected for further development as papers to be presented at the conference. Papers shall be 3000 words maximum.  Further paper submission requirements will be distributed to the authors of selected abstracts.

Abstracts should arrive no later than Monday 1 April 2013. Please note the following guidelines for abstract submission:

– please use the conference abstract submission template form (found on our website);
– complete both pages of the form (the abstract may continue onto a third page);
– the information on page 2 (and thereafter) should be anonymous;
– the abstract itself shall be 400 words maximum;
– save the form as a pdf file, and name the pdf with the title of the abstract;
– email the submission form to:

Keynote presentations and selected conference papers will be considered for publication after the conference in a themed journal issue or an edited volume.

01 April 2013            Abstracts due
15 May 2013            Abstract selection announced
31 July 2013            Draft papers due
30 Sept. 2013           Paper review comments distributed
14-15 Nov. 2013       Conference

Keynote speakers (invited and confirmed)

Prof. Karina Pallagst
Department of International Planning Systems
Kaiserslautern University

Prof.  Ali Madanipour
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
Newcastle University

Dr. Anna Jorgensen
Department of Landscape
The University of Sheffield


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