Forum meeting – Professor Donald McNeill, Wednesday 22th of May, 1pm, on IBM’s Smart Cities

13 May
Smart city visualisation by Michael Durham (from the

Smart city visualisation by Michael Durham (from the

Dear all, we have an exciting new guest for the Urban Forum: Professor Donald McNeill, from the Institute of Culture and Society (UWS), is going to present his analysis of IBM’s smarter cities initiatives on Wednesday the 22th of May at 1pm – DAB post-graduate space, Room 638 on Level 6.

Please come along with friend and colleagues, tea and coffee will be provided. Below you can find Donald’s paper abstract.


This paper considers how global business services firms are shaping municipal service provision in some of the world’s largest cities, especially with the conflation of ‘smart city’ with sustainability or eco-city discourses. Such firms are able to operate relationally, shifting teams of experts onto projects on different parts of the globe, and generating significant economies of scale in devising technical solutions for common urban problems. They work with city councils that are by definition territorially fixed, thus creating an interesting space of relational/territorial negotiation. This paper provides a discussion of IBM’s smarter cities initiatives, a major element of the global corporation’s attempts to define the urban agenda in coming years. It begins by providing a conceptual framework which positions such corporations within the context of the technopolitical state. It then provides a contextual discussion of how this initiative fits within IBM’s corporate strategy, before discussing the epistemologies which IBM work with when pursuing the smart city strategies. Throughout the paper, reference is made to both the materiality of these interventions, and their role within broader strategies of governmentality, territoriality, and relationality.


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  1. Reminder: Tomorrow, 22nd, at 1pm: Forum meeting with Prof. Donald McNeill | UTS Urban Forum - May 21, 2013

    […] More info here. […]

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