Opportunity: Call for paper ‘Saving the city’: Collective low-budget organizing and urban practice

21 Jun

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 5.10.39 PM

An interesting call for paper for the Journal Ephemera – ‘Saving the city’: Collective low-budget organizing and urban practice.

The Journal seek for contributions, from both a theoretical and an empirical perspective, that critically analyze the practices, objects, discourses and histories that inform notions of ‘low-budget urbanity’. We welcome contributions from within the broad study of urban, collective organization – e.g. from management and organization studies, human geography, urban studies, urban theory, city planning, social anthropology, sociology, accounting, political theory – with an emphasis on the material and social economy of frugal urban practice. Possible topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Anthropological perspective on everyday practices of saving in the city
  • Calculating a low-budget to survive in the city
  • How new practices emerge out of political struggles (e.g. reclaim the streets, squatting, collective gardening)
  • Collective organization, collective entrepreneurship
  • New practices that help trace the historical trajectories of low-budget urban life
  • The way people perform a budget and the materialities that surround this performance
  • The networks and communities that create an alternative urbanity
  • Politics of saving money
  • Alternative forms of collective organizing in the city
  • Sharing and exchange
  • Thrift, frugality, conscious saving
  • Recycling, up-cycling
  • Low-resource urbanities

Deadline for submissions: 1 October 2013. All the info, here.


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