Events – Cities on the Edge @ UTS

9 Aug



Dear All,

Next week the Transforming Culture research centre at UTS will host an interesting talk on “Cities on the Edge”, by Dr Angela Giovanangeli. More info below, all welcome!

Date: Wednesday, 14 August 2013
Time: 12.30 – 1.30 pm
Where: TfC Bagel, UTS Building 10 (235 Jones St), Level 5, Room 219
Visit the TC’s  website for full details of the exciting seminars planned for this semester.
Dr Angela Giovanangeli, Transforming Cultures, UTS
Cities on the Edge

One of the particularities of recent studies on urban change has been the importance of culture in the regeneration of the city. Scott’s work notes that ‘cities have exhibited a conspicuous capacity both to generate culture in the form of art, ideas, styles and ways of life, and to induce high levels of economic innovation and growth’ (2000, 2). Concerns however that culturally driven strategies prioritise the economy and tourism over and above residents (Eisinger, 2000) and involve the redefinition, and even the attempted eradication, of local cultures (Paddison, 1993; Mitchell, 2000) have served to foster significant tensions between local elites and local residents, resulting in what Mitchell (2000) has termed ‘culture wars’.

This paper seeks to add to the discussion on the significance of cultural events and urban realities by examining how cultural programs, as a result of some of the tensions they generate, act as a catalyst for the creation and expression of locally generated cultural acts. This paper uses the case of the Marseille European Capital of Culture 2013 program to argue that the distance felt by some of the city’s residents as a result of this large-scale European cultural event has led to a response by various groups seeking to create expressions more in tune with the interests of the local community.


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